The school challenges

(i)     Early marriages:

The school faces a great challenge due to high drop out cases, particularly the girl child. Most girls are married before reaching standard eight. Others drop out due to early pregnancies.

Boys are also affected by sand harvesting and tobacco farming in the area. Most pupils are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases

(ii)   Desks

Since the introduction of Free Primary Education there has been high enrolment in our school. The pupil population is 497 in standard one to eight.

There are also about 200 pupils in the nursery classes. The number of desks and other sitting facilities are inadequate.

(iii) Secondary education

Most of the students called to provincial schools do not respond. This is due to economic inability of most parents/guardians.I am glad the CDF has come to help those in need

The following have been the Head Teachers in the subsequent years:


1.             Mr. Kenneth Onyango Ogol 1980-1983

2.            Mr. Hesborn Alando 1983 - 1985

3.            Mr. Samson Yogo 1985 - 1987

4.            Mr. John Adawo 1987 - 1988

5.            Mr. Lawrence Muga 1989- 1991

6.        Mr. George Obao    1992 - 1993

7.           Mr. John Opere 1993 - 1995

8.            Mr. Gilbert Chumbe 1995 - 1997

9.            Mr. John Agufa 1997 - 1999

10.         Mr. Benson Ochieng’ Polo 1999 - 2003

11.         Mr. Nahashon Mauko 2003-2004

12.        Mr. Dan Ojwang’ 2004 to date

13         Mr Charles Odida 2005-2013

14         Mr Jack  Ochieng -2013 to date         

The school needs the following facilities:

(i)    Additional 100 desks to match the growing pupil enrolment.

(ii)   6 more pupil toilets.

(iii)  A kitchen for the staff.

(iv)   Teachers’ houses.

(v)   Bursary funding for the orphans and the needy.

(vi)   Additional staff

(vii)   Sports equipment e.g balls,uniforms


Head Teacher/Secretary S.M.C.




Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

1. MrJack Ochieng(H/T)  2. Mr. Zachary Odongo (D H/T) 3. Mr. Gerald Opir4. Mr.Wellington Ochola

5 Mrs Martha Mabeya

6 Tobias …

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I am highly delighted to be associated …

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